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Turn conversations into delightful experiences

Cignals is a cloud-based solution purpose built to analyse text based conversations and deliver actionable insights to continuously improve conversational experience. You can access the insights through REST API, webhooks or our dashboards.

Using advanced text analytics, Cignals automatically surfaces hidden insights buried deep in customer conversations. With powerful AI and machine learning, Cignals generates customer intent, customer journeys and recommended actions.

customer journey

“Customer Journey” Insights

“Customer Journey” shows a visualization of the journeys users take along with usage statistics and exit rates. Transcripts are available for understanding context. Use the “Customer Journey feature to increase overall engagement and conversions

voice of customer

“Voice of Customer” Insights

Get valuable insights into what your customers are looking for. Understand what are your customers saying about your product, service, delivery and more. See moving trends over days, weeks and months


Sales Conversion Insights

Is your conversational platform helping you sell your products or services? Do you know how the pitch is working or where it’s not working ? Our Insights allow you to, visualize and identify the “Hot Spots” in the customer journeys where prospects are dropping-off. Create the "Best Journey" through the flows that work

bot & agent training

Customer Exit Metrics

Feedback and improvement has to be a real-time “always-on” strategy. Our insights allow you to, send feedback to your bot trainers and agents in near real time. Automate notifications when the bot or agent misses an important part of the call. Track bot or agent performance post feedback. Create a repository of feedback and measure progress

Created for Developers by Developers!

Cignals provides powerful analytics for all your customer conversations. Try it for free.

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Processed on a daily basis with lightening speed.

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Actionable insights for a massive audiences and their conversations.

0K User Journies

Tracked on a daily basis providing real-time analytics.

World’s First Programmatic Conversational Insights is based in India, with a team of developers who believe in delivering excellence which drives business efficiency for our customers. We as a team have worked with businesses from varied verticals to build their conversational platforms. We discovered that there was a common problem with all our customers. The problem was with the missed opportunities by our customers when it came to their customer conversations.
We believe that conversations are a gold mine of an opportunity to give delightful customer experiences if handled properly. That’s when we committed to the idea of making the lives of our customers easier by enabling them to harness the power of conversations happening across all their platforms. We started off on the journey of building a tool that businesses would love to use when it came to handling their customer conversations. We utilized our experience of building conversational platforms for our customers to help the customer with insights to design, analyze and optimize conversational experiences across all your platforms.



Free Beta Plan
  • One App
  • 10k user messages
  • Free customer support
  • User Journeys

For Enterprises

Enterprise Plan
  • Unlimited Apps
  • Unlimited Messages
  • Powered by AI & ML
  • Feedback Analysis
  • 24 x 7 developer support
  • Voice of Customer Insights
  • Sales Conversion Insights
  • Customer Journey Insights
  • Customer Exit Metrics


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